Twin Charging Dock & Cleaning Cloth

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PS4 Dualshock Charging Dock & Cleaning Cloth

The 4gamers Officially licensed CHARGE + DualShock4 Charging Dock for Playstation 4, allows you to recharge your batteries after a long gaming session, preparing for the next day.

The weight base of the PS4 DualShock4 Charging Dock gives a stable platform to hold your DualShock4 Wireless Controllers overnight or when not in use and supply charge through the Micro-USB connection, connected through mains power for a reliable charge.

The 4gamers PS4 DualShock4 Charging Dock can charge up to two DualShock4 Wireless Controllers simultaneously and also includes a Micro-fibre cloth to ensure your PS4 system, controllers and accessories remain fingerprint and streak free.


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Non-Abrasive Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
Mains Adapter Included
LED Charging Indicator


Q: Is the Mains adapter included in the 4Gamers PS4 Charging Station?

A: Yes, included in the packaging of the 4Gamers PS4 Charging Dock, you will find; the desktop stand, mains adapter and micro-fibre cloth.


Q: Can I continue to game whilst using this PS4 Charging Dock?

A: The 4gamers PS4 Charging Dock does not allow for Play N Charge – this is used to supply charge and storage of the DualShock4 Wireless Controllers when the system is not in use.

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