Compact Racing Wheel

  • Colours Available
  • Black

The Compact Racing Wheel is fully compatible with the DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller. Simply slot your DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller into the back of the wheel to create a more realistic driving experience.

This Officially Licensed product allows access to all standard game functions and enhances game play with all driving games that support the “tilt-to-steer” steering function.

Maximise your in game racing experience with the 4Gamers Compact Racing Wheel.


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Compatible With Tilt to Steer Control Functionality
Full Access To Controller Buttons and Touchpad
Secure Clip Fastening


Q: Can I use this with Drive Club VR?

A: Yes, this product is compatible with Drive Club VR for PSVR.

Q: Can this be used with Gran Turismo Sport?

A: Yes, this product is compatible with GT Sport.

Q: Do you have to use the tilt-to-steer technology?

A: Not at all, you have full access to all of the controls if you want to use this for general gameplay.

Q: Do I need to install anything for connectivity?

A: No, this is a housing product only, design to enhance grip whilst using in your favourite racing games. The only technology used, is from the controller inside the housing.



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