WWE 2K18 Out Today

The newest installment of the sports entertainment series (WWE 2K) drops today with its Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition became available four days ago on October 13 for anyone who pre-ordered this version.

WWE 2K18 offers improved graphics, a more in-depth MyCareer mode, and for the first time in 2K’s run, up to eight superstars competing in a match at the same time.

Once again, WWE 2K18 boasts the largest roster ever, with over 180 original playable stars. In addition, there are multiple match types from one on one to eight stars fighting on their own, and every variation in between with quite a few stipulations to add to your matches. In addition, it adds Road to Glory mode, which adds a new dynamic to the typical online play that comes in the way of certain tasks that must be performed during each match.

There is also another big addition to WWE 2K18 that some people are labeling as 2K’s ‘Greatest Playable Character Ever’.

In what was only the logical conclusion to WWE’s ongoing partnership with fast food chain KFC, 2K Sports has announced that Colonel Sanders, KFC founder and patron saint of fried chicken, will be a playable character in WWE 2K18. This may be the strangest cameo in WWE video game history but everyone seems to love it!

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 17th Oct 2017