Apex Legends Hits 50 Million Players – Here’s why you should be one of them!

Apex Legends has taken the Gaming world by storm; smashing records set by the prestigious Epic Games release; Fortnite. The open world Titanfall Universe Battle Royale, created by Respawn just seemed to appear out of nowhere when it released in February 2019, with 60 players – or three teams of 20; combating in Kings Canyon for the ultimate Champion title.

How does it compare to other Battle Royales i.e. PUBG, Black Ops 4, Fortnite?

If you think that Apex Legends is just another Battle Royale game; then you may want to rethink that. Just 8 hours after the title was available for download on the 4th February 2019, it was announced that the game surpassed 1 million unique players.
And the numbers just kept on rising with Apex Legends hitting 2.5 million unique players with a peak of 600,000 concurrent players just 24 hours after release.
*These Statistics were confirmed on an EA investor’s conference call by EA CEO, Andrew Wilson*

Apex Legends VS PUBG

So, what sets these two titles apart in our opinion comes down to complexity, where Fortnite seems quite simplistic, you then have PUBG – which seems much more complex with more of military simulation.
You then have Apex Legends, which offers an alternative level of difficulty which feels like a happy medium, this we would argue makes it more enjoyable and accessible for both new and casual players.

Apex Legends VS Black Ops 4

As you may already be aware, each Battle Royale game has some kind of mechanic that drops you onto the map. In Black Ops 4, you can expect to drop out in a unique wing suit – allowing you to drop down quite quickly and travel large distances with ease. However, with Apex Legends, you have quite a few new features that gets you to the map! Such as; a squad of three being tied to the “jumpmaster” who controls where you go. Of course, with the option of deviating from this but you will have to select it.
You can also suggest areas for the jumpmaster to drop, in an effort for cohesion amongst the team!

Apex Legends VS Fortnite

The comparison between these two has been relentless and doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon!
However, when Fortnite was in its infancy – Epic Games announced that there were more than 1 million players in the first 24 hours. Which in comparison to Raspawn’s Apex Legend’s – is not even in the same league.
Although, we do appreciate that when Fortnite came into our lives, Battle Royale’s were not widely known or played. Making this a little unjust in comparisons, as Apex Legends already had a target audience to build on.
Even though Apex seems to be taking the lead in Battle Royale Games, its still worth noting that Fortnite will continue to hold the crown for raw player base.

What we recommend for those Gamers playing Apex Legends

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