UFC 3 Out Now

The third installment of the EA Sports UFC series is out today and it takes advantage advantage of the additional power from PS4 Pro in a very unique way.

EA UFC runs at 60FPS on the PS4 Pro, but 30FPS on the original consoles, in what must be a first for a fighting game. This even translates to online. So, if you’re on the lesser tech then you could be battling against someone with a higher frame rate.

By far the biggest change from EA’s first two UFC games is in the striking department. Striking carries a far greater risk and reward this year. Clean shots will knock your opponent into the ‘rocked’ state far more regularly than before, while spamming heavy kicks or daft spinning attacks will drain your stamina quicker than before.

Complementing the new tactical striking is a stick entirely dedicated to head and shoulder movement. The right stick allows you to slip your dome off the center line, before landing a crushing counter.

One of the big new features is that in between training, while you wait for your next official bout, you are encouraged to promote yourself. To make an almighty personal brand and build it. You can tweet fight details, get fans pumped, or even “stream” video games to get folks excited about you. It was an absolutely surreal moment when I saw the option pop up in game, as one of your most valuable and high-return options for gaining a following.

You can also engage in one of the major parts of modern MMA: trash-talking!

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 2nd Feb 2018