Triad of Final Fantasy Titles Unveiled

Final Fantasy XV has officially been in development since before the PS3 came out, and fans can finally see why it has taken so long.


In a show of breathtaking ambition, Square Enix have announced that the long-awaited adventure will be released alongside a five-part anime series and feature-length film. The first episode of ‘Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV’ is available now and the film – ‘Kingsglaive,’ starring Sean Bean Lena Headey and Aaron Paul – will form part of a Final Fantasy XV ‘Ultimate Collector’s Edition.’


The ‘Reclaim Your Throne’ trailer released yesterday showcases everything you would expect from an FF title with gorgeous character models, cinematic staging, beautiful backdrops and chaotic battles. However, it also gives fans an insight into the vast scale of the title, which is set to operate on an open-world mechanic.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on 30th September 2016, the product of a full decade’s work. It’s going to be worth the wait.

Watch the trailer here:

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