Tokyo 42 Hype Machine Picks Up

Set for release in early 2017, open-world action game Tokyo 42 looks ready to stake an early claim for most stylish game of the year.

The game’s developers have likened Tokyo 42 to Syndicate, Monument Valley, Worms and GTA I. Making comparisons to such iconic titles before the game has even be released shows a huge confidence in its quality and potential.

Gameplay ranges from all-out blitz warfare to stealth as players stalk a condensed imagining of Tokyo that’s bustling with assassins, civilians and police. The high-octane chaos on show in the pre-alpha footage masks extremely complex and precise gameplay which, if mastered, can create some truly stunning kills and exchanges.

Watch the pre-alpha footage here.




Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 6th Sep 2016

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