Is this THE Anthem?

The Sci-Fi, online multiplayer game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts that got us all excited, has left us all wanting more it seems…


First Impressions

We all like to be amazed and pleasantly surprised by a game and unfortunately, this one just didn’t deliver. However, there are special elements that we appreciate from the title such as; flying through the jungles in different customized suits, but compared to the missions – it just doesn’t feel like enough.
And when you do find some loot – well, underwhelmed is a good word to describe how we felt. Rendering on useless and also confusing on the ratio of loot, it has just stirred endless issues for the game. But it seems as though BioWare is listening to complaints as they have admitted that the ease and speed of the loot was temperamental due to an update, it left fans feeling discouraged as they (and we) were hoping that this would be the way moving forward. They have informed the audiences that they will make adjustments if necessary.

What’s Good about Anthem? 

One of the aspects of this game that we really did enjoy was when you get in the air and start flying, it is tremendously fun. But that’s not all, it also becomes extremely interesting when you start seeing unique abilities and we must admit that the weapons are stronger than they were in the demo.

All of these features of Anthem definitely put a smile on our faces during game play.

The Expectation from EA

As you may imagine EA is not entirely happy, with rumours that a ditch could possibly happen for the newly released title; just like ‘Andromeda’. With sales reflecting what the audience thinks of BioWare’s ‘Anthem’ it is clear to see that not all is well, and the expectations that EA have made are very unlikely to be met.
And those expectations are REALLY high with EA forecasting that the game will concur £6M in sales before the end of the fiscal year, which ends on the 31st March, 2019. But with sales plummeting half of what ‘Andromeda’ made, it seems like it’s very unrealistic that Anthem will reach those sale figures.

Is it under-performing just in the UK?

Using the wording; under-performing feels quite brutal especially seeing as it did make number 1 in the UK sales Charts last week, but the facts are the facts and it just didn’t perform as it was expected or as we believed it should, in both Europe and the UK.
There are mixed opinions on this, some critics claiming that the game is boring, repetitive and quite costly for what it is. Others argue that isn’t BioWares fault as they were forced to reboot the game quite a few times during the six-year development process, making it a product that was hugely focus – tested and it would do nothing more than bore and disappoint. Plus the bugs, it isn’t that surprising that it hasn’t taken off quite as much as it was meant too.

What will happen to Anthem if it continues to go downhill?

This is purely speculation at this point, but as History has taught us, EA is more than willing to drop dead weight in terms of development studios. For instance; lets take a look at all those studios that have come and gone during the years;


Just to name a few; however, the history behind EA dropping their acquired studios isn’t always a death sentence. And according to the ex – BioWare Developer; James Ohlen, in July 2018, if Anthem failed it wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the studio. However, right now it is unclear what EA’s intentions are – we don’t expect it to be closing any time soon.

Don’t forget that your thoughts are extremely important to us and we would LOVE to know what you think will happen to BioWare on our social channels below…


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