The Return of Agent 47

Hitman debuted on the Playstation™ Store last Friday, in the first of a series of episodic releases. IO Interactive and Square Enix’s legendary silent assassin is officially back, and in more ways than one.

As the stripped back title would suggest, Hitman sees a return to the iconic gameplay style of earlier titles following mixed reactions to 2012’s more linear and explosive Hitman: Absolution. Initial reviews report that this latest effort gives fans much more scope to play freely and patiently just as they were in Hitman: Blood Money, the series’ most lauded title to date. Often hailed as one of the greatest stealth/action games of all time, Blood Money remains the undisputed fan favourite in the franchise’s 15-year history.


The full game is comprised of seven episodes – each set in a different iconic location from around the world – to be released individually on a monthly basis. Fans can opt for several different packages at various prices from the full experience down to the intro pack and individual episode purchases.

Dust off your cheese wire and get plotting.

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 15th Mar 2016

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