The Last Guardian Enters Week of Release

Ever since development began way back in 2007, The Last Guardian has shouldered a great weight of expectation. In 4 days’ time, we will know if the hype is justified

The third in a trilogy of well-loved titles, Friday’s release comes 11 years after Shadow of the Colossus  first dropped. That particular game since gone down as one of the best-loved and most highly rated PS2 games of all time. Fans’ devotion to the 2005 classic has translated into great anticipation for The Last Guardian. 

Exploring a gorgeously realised world full of puzzles and grand structures, players will take on the role of a young boy who befriends a giant mythical creature named Trico that is half-bird, half-mammal. Gameplay is based upon the relationship between boy and beast.

TLG looks set to replicate the success of its predecessor, so don’t miss out!

The Last Guardian is released on PS4 Friday 09/12/2016.


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