The BEST Co – op Games to Play this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day looming its a great reason to pick up that second controller or go online to play with your friends… but to play what?


The rocky landscape of Montana awaits for you and your friends, with cultists enemies ready to kill you with baseball bats, you are guaranteed to need a buddy to aid you.
Be toe to toe with your friend while you fight bears, fly planes and soar across treetops you are definitely safer in this challenging location.


It’s clear to see that one of the reasons that the success of this title is due to the fact that tens of millions play. As you explore and fight your way through space, battling with unbelievable suits and powers – you will find yourself extremely grateful that you will have your pals (online offers a four-person co-op mode) right next to you, ready to combat.


This may seem like a simple choice; however, it never fails to put a smile on your face. As you Hulk up or swing from your Spider webs, you can’t help but be very visually pleased and become giddy from seeing Marvel characters do everything you love about them.
Plus you can play together, definitely a child-friendly game which will entertain them for hours on end. And if no one can play with you at home – don’t worry you can meet your fellow Superheroes online at your service.


There may be stronger open world co-op games out there, we know there won’t be a better one to play together than Tom Clancy’s The Division – get set for comradery, badies and the remainder of a post-apocalyptic world.
This is the perfect time to have a friend help you out; as you combine your skills and minds with perfect communication, you will keep coming back to this title.


There was not a chance that we were going to write an article about the BEST co-op games out there and NOT write about Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royale.
Royales are here to stay people! It’s to grab that headset, controller and play online. With your fellow soldiers awaiting, with new vehicles and weapons that challenge some of leading Battle Royale games *Cough* we will mention them later *Cough* it’s easy to see why.Not only are you receiving the best of both of the other famous games… but you are playing Call of Duty.
The title that opened the doors on the success of first-person shooter games and requires your constant concentration as you stealthy seek shelter, position yourself for that amazing kill with incredible accuracy; is reason enough to play this inspiring franchise.


As you could have guessed PUBG is on our list. With its newly released on the PlayStation 4 – the hype that surrounded this release was unbelievable as the successful title made its debut.
Known for its slow but impressive Battle Royale, it’s clear that you need to get online with this as soon as you can, if not just to see why it will always make history in the world of Battle Royales. The brilliance of being one of the most famous games out there for reinventing the way you play with your friends.


Bow down to the award winning game that has been a HUGE game changer in the industry – setting the benchmark really REALLY high for all Battle Royale Games now and even in the future!
The success has been phenomenal with famous celebrities partaking, Professional gamers gaining awareness, celebrity status around the globe,  and quite a bit of cash in their back pocket. This will always remain in our minds a game changer – and we don’t expect that to end anytime soon! Although, if Epic did want to stop making new seasons, we imagine that they still will be living rather comfortably for the rest of their lives, we just don’t see it stopping any time soon.
What has been a nice aspect of the world known title is the fact that the way Gaming is seen has arguably changed; with more acknowledgment that it’s not just a “hobby” but it can be a great way to expand your social circle and your professionalism.
While we recognise that Fortnite has set some high expectations and was completely deserving of being the MOST popular game of 2018, could that all be about to change?…


Respawn have done something mind blowing brilliant! What is it you ask? Well, they could be making Epic sweat a little bit.
How? Via Respawns unbelievable attention to detail and superior weapons. It is clear that no one is disappointed with this Battle Royale. And it is also clear that not only is the hype spreading but the hours that everyone is racking up.
We don’t want to just give you endless reasons to play this unique title as you will find out as soon as you get on there you are hooked. The real question here is, however, how will this popular, newer and shinier Battle Royale featured title compare to Fortnite for the rest of the year and could it rack up more players and awards than Epic?
However, one thing is for certain – these are all masterpieces for online co-op play and that you should pick up your pad and give them a go for yourself!

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