The Battle of a Lifetime

The World War II shooter game that EVERYONE has been talking about is finally debuting today and that of course, is the one and only Battlefield V! There are so many reasons why this game is a must have for anyone who loves to experience warfare with their squads:

The Inspiration behind the Game –

Battlefield V heavily inspired by historical Battles, which has been reflected in its warfare multiplayer mode, single-player story campaign and massive four day – day Grand Operations Campaign that offers so much content to the players.


How it compares to other Royales 

As we all know in the gaming community, Battle Royale has been added onto game modes by some huge titles such as; Fortnite & PUBG (who demonstrated just how successful Battle Royale really is) with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 being the latest to join in on the success of Royale. It was just a matter of time before Battlefield V joined in on the action, however, it will not be exactly what you expect as it is ultimately smaller than rival games with only 64 players – where sixteen of four-man squads battle it for survival in what the developers (DICE) claim will be the largest Battlefield EVER.
But there are similarities; as you may have noticed through E3’s showcase of DICE’s: Battlefield V such as; a ring of fire closing in on the play area, demonstrating that the developers intend to shrink the battle arena for the end of the game, not too dissimilar to Fortnites concept of the storm.

The Maps

So while we are differentiating between (DICEs) Battlefield V and the other Battle Royale games mentioned above, we thought would clarify some of the impressive features that made it into the game such as; all the different locations that you have access to and the vast map features.
For example; You can experience first-hand tank battles set in North Africa (not widely known or used as a location) which will give you a great unique experience of how battles in the desert really feel. Or, you can decide to jump into their Airborne Assualt in the Fjords of Norway or be in close quarter combat among canals and bridges of Rotterdam, or the open fields and marshlands in France.
So you can explore all that warfare really has to offer in DICES anticipated title, which we expect to see and hear lots of good things from gamers and we hope that you will let us what your thoughts and opinions are via our Twitter and Facebook channels.




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