Tales from the Borderlands – The Definitive Collection

18 months after Episode 1: Zer0 Sum first appeared on PlayStation®Store, the entire Tales from the Borderlands collection has been given a physical release. Each of TftB‘s 5 episodes received rave reviews from gamers and critics alike – this is a hugely accomplished body of work.

Stylistically at least, these 5 adventures are cast in the same iconic mould as the original Borderlands games. The gameplay, however, could not be more different. Swapping explosive gunplay for turn-based decision-making and quicktime events, TftB lets storytelling drive the experience. Borderlands‘ trademark humour remains central to the series’ identity, ensuring that fans of the original games will find plenty to adore here.

Set in the aftermath of Borderlands 2, players will take control of both Rhys and Fiona in a progression of breakneck escapades on Pandora. Pandora – a planet long lost to chaos and bedlam – will be familiar to fans of the franchise. The setting again helps to bridge the gap between the original games and their more recent relatives.

It’s rare to see such contrasting material within one franchise. It’s inspiring to see both ends of the spectrum executed to the same high standard. The success of TftB marks the Borderlands universe out as a unique and truly special gaming phenomenon.

Tales from the Borderlands is out today.

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