Survival Kit for E3 all night conferences

If you are a true gaming fan then we know you are likely to be awake ALL night; getting all the information you possibly can from E3. This is why we have compiled this article to give you some useful tips so that you can get through the night!

1) Exercise beforehand

Take a ten-minute walk to wake yourself up before the E3 conferences start! Just a little bit of exercise can make you feel so much better and then you won’t get cabin fever or cramp.

2) Nourish yourself

You may want a mix of carbs that will slowly release energy – and a few treats; E3 is only once a year after all!

On a side note; carbs include things like:

3) Energy drinks

We all know a cup of coffee, soft drink or energy drink provides a lot of energy for most of us. But ensure that you are being careful with the amount you drink as you want to sleep eventually!

4) Take naps during the day – but only short naps!

Please make sure you are getting some sleep!

5) Talking

If you are planning on staying awake – try to find a friend who is watching E3 too so that you have someone you can talk too.

6) Sitting up straight

If you lie down or lie in a comfortable position then you are more likely to fall asleep. Try sitting up straight and at some points (for a short space of time) in uncomfortable positions.

7) Plenty of fresh air

Just like drivers who need plenty of fresh air when making a long journey; you need to make sure that you are getting a good supply of fresh air to give you that little pick me up. So crack open a window to make sure you aren’t stuck in a stale room.

8) Make fruit smoothies

Pretty self-explanatory right?

9) When you’ve finished the all-nighter, rest and recuperate.

You should try to get back into your normal routine as soon as possible. This means if you are going to take a nap, grab only 30 minutes or so – this will allow you to set a proper routine. If you are wanting to crash then hold off until a couple of hours prior to your normal bedtime to ensure you are getting a full night of sleep.

10) Bright lights

Everybody finds it harder to sleep when there are bright lights.
We hope this little guide helps you and that you don’t plan to do too much more all-nighters. Remember, sleeping is important to function the next day. But we also understand that E3 is once a year opportunity – so that said, we will we see you later tonight for Sony’s press conference at 2 am! We are extremely excited to be able to report live news straight to you. Keep updated with our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 11th Jun 2018

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