Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Has Been Announced at E3 2019

Square Enix has drawn the curtains back as they reveal more about the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII remake, there became some doubt that the remake was actually going ahead as Square Enix went quiet about their remake for a while.

After the extended trailer dropped, there was only one word that could be used to describe it; STUNNING. The company showed us how energetic combat works in real-time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pause and queue up actions from party members because you can!

What does this mean for PS4 Gamers?

If you haven’t noticed from the trailer yet, the remade intro was actually made scene – by – scene matching the PSOne original. After the trailer dropped, Producer Kitase then announced that the game will be on two disks! One disk short than the original release, the reason behind this is due to the City of Midgar taking up an entire disk by itself.

How will Final Fantasy VII Transition to the PS4?

Even though it may be a remake, that doesn’t mean that the game as a whole won’t have special new features! Quite the contrary, even though you can still perform standard attacks, which can be released at any time, there, is an ATB meter that will charge up, providing you with the ability to unleash magic, techniques and a new “tactical” mode that gives us the impression that it will freeze a moment in time.

Another aspect of the trailer that you may have noticed is that the Battle had both Cloud and Barrett face off against that iconic scorpion guard robot, which was a boss in the original FF7. It demonstrated just how easy it was to switch between the characters, which is handy if you ever see yourself being stuck or trapped by enemies. But don’t worry, the character you’re not in control of will carry on attacking.

But that’s not all!

The characters have their own defense abilities to reduce attack damage and you could (if the demo is a true representation of the game that will be released) even use the environment to defend against some pretty brutal attacks!

When will Final Fantasy VII be released?

It may seem like a big wait however, it is a lot closer than you think with an official date set for; 3rd March 2020 for the PlayStation 4.


We want to know!

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