Sony throughout the Years

Sony has been around for a LONG time – the founders; Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka created the tech company is 1946 and registered as TTK (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) where they started off by borrowing $500 so that they could start developing consumer products.

However, they didn’t just start successful – they had their own failures which funnily enough; leads us on to their first product – a rice cooker. Suffice to say, it didn’t live up to its expectations as it grossed nearly $6500 in sales (which doesn’t sound like a flop) but only brought in profits of $300.
But that wasn’t the end for our entrepreneurs; who went on to repair radios and other electrical equipment, which then led to Totsuko introducing the first Japanese – designed tape recorder. This product also didn’t sell the way it was expected but their fortune was going to change!


In 1952, Ibuka visited the United States and made the initial contacts for licensing the transistor from Bell Laboratories, then a division of Western Electric Company (the manufacturing arm of American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).
All of this steered to Totsuko’s first successful product line: Transistor Radios. Sony then later released the TR-63, an inexpensive shirt-pocket-sized all-transistor radio, which caught consumer attention when it was released in 1957.


Moving onwards a couple of years; business in the United States had incited the creation of Sony Corporation of America (their headquarters in New York City) in 1960. Just a few years later (1964) Sony introduced the MD-5, the first all-transistor desktop calculator which started a snowball of products;
1968 – The company shipped its first Trinitron colour television.


1971 – 40 percent of the Japanese households had colour television sets, so Sony introduced the first colour video cassette recorder (VCR)
1988 – Sony introduced their own VHS.
1979 – Sony took to music with the Walkman portable tape player, which was a great decision by Sony as it sold MILLIONS of units.


1982 – A collaboration took place between Sony and Phillip Electronics NV – with their first compact disc (CD) player.
1983 – Sony introduced their first camcorder.


Their success didn’t last for long, unfortunately, as the Japanese economy began its decade-long recession, both founders (Morita and Ibuka suffered strokes during 1992 – 1993) which resulted in Morita retiring and then sadly passing away in 1999.

Sony then declared its first loss in 1993 – of more than $200 million; so as you can see; Sony has had both its ups and downs already! But, they weren’t going to stay down! Oh no, they continued to design and deliver new products; which is how we get to the beloved PlayStation.
1994 – its entertainment division introduced its PlayStation video game console to the Japanese market.


By 2002 the company was making 10 percent of the company’s yearly revenues!
And the success has just kept growing as Sony is currently (and has previously been) leading in the current console war between Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo Switch with the PS4 and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.
However, it’s inspiring to see that such a huge (now) successful brand has had to pick themselves back up. But we know that their success will only continue to grow when the PlayStation 5 makes its appearance – let us know if you think Sony will continue to dominate the market with the PlayStation via our Twitter and/or Facebook page.

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