Are Sony Expanding Their Studios Ready For The PS5?

The PS5 is coming and we know and appreciate that there is a lot of speculation regarding studio’s, developers and which game will be launching with the next-gen console.

Which is why we have condensed all the liable information that has been leaked/revealed about the PS5 to date;

What is different about the PS5?

While the PS5 will still be using disks, there are still lots of new features to sink your Gamer teeth into – such as;

• A bespoke 8 – core AMD chipset based on third-generation Ryzen architecture with a GPU (which is taking the best bits of the Radeon Navi GPU Family – a built-for-purpose SSD Storage system.

• There will be 3D Audio.

• Backward compatible with PS4 Games and PSVR hardware.

• 8K TV Support

• The AMD one-two – punch of CPU and GPU unlocks the power of Ray Tracing (an advanced technique that can bring next-level immersion to Gaming visuals.)

• The SSD is 19 times faster than the traditional SSD Storage methods.

• Offers improved cloud gaming performance and “dramatically improved graphics rendering” power.

You can see for yourself just how powerful this next-gen console is going to be with the example below;

Wait, is Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) acquiring new studios?

It is definitely a focus for Sony to expand their studios as they understand that their exclusive content is more important than ever before” and isn’t that the truth! Especially, with Microsoft Xbox releasing their competitive console currently undergoing the name; Project Scarlett and Google Stadia which is a global infrastructure of Data – allowing players to go from watching a trailer of a game to jumping straight in with Gameplay.

And with Xbox moving forward and securing their own studios as they compete with Sony’s well-earnt reputation of having exclusive gameplay that attracts gamers. So it makes sense that Sony SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan is considering mergers and acquisitions to grow its existing portfolio of 13 development houses.

“We have been in the game business for 25 years and have big assets,” Ryan said.
“It will be difficult for new entrants to have such a production company or title.”

How long has it been since Sony updated their portfolio?

It has been quite a while to be fair; since Sony has expanded its portfolio. In fact since it founded North West Studio in 2015 to head up development of the PSVR.
What are the new studios they are looking to purchase?

While there are no solid facts on which Studio’s Sony may be eyeing up; there has been plenty of speculation as to which studios should either buy or are looking to buy – such as;

Insomniac Games – As the developers of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which sold 3.3 million copies during its first three days on the market, and being the fastest-selling exclusive on the console so far. It seems like obtain Insomniac Games would be in the best interest of Sony.

Bluepoint Games – This studio again has given PlayStation exclusives that has earnt critical praise and commercial success such as; the notable remasters of – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Gravity Rush Remastered, and the God of War collection. Again another worthy studio that would be more than worthy of Sony’s time.

Supermassive Games – The studio is known for; the Until Dawn franchise, LittleBigPlanet DLC, Killzone HD is creating games for multi platform use such as the; The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – so if Sony wants to keep this studio focused on exclusive titles then it may need to include this one in its expansion.

Quantic Dream – If you haven’t noticed that Quantic Dreams has been creating some distance between themselves and the PlayStation brand lately, well you might after noting that even though the previous three games; Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human are PlayStation Exclusives – Quantic Dream has decided to release titles on PC via the Epic Games Store. Again showing that if Sony doesn’t lock these guys down – it may mean fewer exclusives in the long run.

Kojima Productions – While Kojima Productions is relatively fresh as a Studio; Sony has announced that they will be working closely with the Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima as he gets ready for Death Stranding’s approaching launch. But the future after the exclusive Game Play which looks like it could do exceptionally well for Sony and Kojima Productions based around the hype is unknown currently.

It will be interesting to see whether or not obtaining Kojima Productions is the future of Sony’s Portfolio as we think it would be a great asset to them both as Kojima Production joins the likes of Naughty Dog and the Santa Monica Studio could be the edge that PlayStation needs especially with their competitors upping their game.

What Games are rumoured to be releasing alongside the PS5?

We will start with the obvious title of;

Kojima Productions; Death Stranding – For more information about this title; check out our indepth previous blog which uncovers a LOT of details.


*Please remember that the list below is not confirmation that these games will definitely be released upon the launch of PS5 or specifically for the PS5*;

Cyberpunk 2077 – We are aware that there is hope that the title will release prior to the PS4 – however, with the scope of the game being taken into consideration it is possible that this could be a PS5 release. Especially as it is looking to release in 2020 – but we will see!


Elder Scrolls VI – there’s still a long wait for this title but it has already been strongly insinuated that it’s going to be a next – gen game.


Final Fantasy VII – a very highly anticipated Remake that is on everybody’s radar as we all have waited a long time for any release news, but the Japanese publisher Yasuke Matsuda has revealed that the RPG is being developed for both generations of PlayStation, which to be fair, makes sense. As the story is being split into chapters.


Ghost of Tsushima – This like Cyberpunk 2077, is all up in the air, even though it has been announced for the PS4. The development progress is making us think its more likely to be coming to the PS5.


God of War – This is a REAL speculation. As no announcement has officially been made and with the success of God of War last year. It is highly possible that this might be an addition to the PS5. (We will keep you updated)


So, even though official news on PlayStation in general is slightly slow that doesn’t mean that Sony isn’t working on some huge projects to give to you Gamers in the upcoming year.

Don’t Forget!

We want to know what you think about all the rumours and which of the games speculated above you would like to see released alongside the PS5 via our Facebook and/or Twitter.

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