Microsoft and Nintendo are teaming – but PlayStation is still winning the console war

And here’s why…

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that while things are tense in the gaming world right now – the PlayStation 4 is still leading as the best selling console.  Yes, there may be the issue with Fortnite not being available for cross – play, but that doesn’t mean that Sony isn’t still leading the market… because they very much are;

The PS4 has numerously outperformed Microsoft and Nintendo. An example of this is that they sold 19 million units in the last year against Switch’s 17.79 million. But that’s not all! The PlayStation 4 is just shy of reaching 60 million consoles sold — an impressive number to crest in just 3.5 years.

Unfortunately, Microsoft won’t release their sales figures for the Xbox One…

What makes the PS4 so great?

Sony has ultimately offered more for their players such as;

  • A substantial amount of games that you can’t play elsewhere.
  • A big support for VR Gaming.
  • It’s easy to use…

And let’s face it… there isn’t a million updates a day to wait for!

What are the exclusive games?

There are so many great games available only on the PlayStation 4 – so we apologise if we have missed your favourite from the list:

  • God of War – the brilliant storytelling and use of relatable characters was what made this game great for us.
  • Detroit: Become Human – we enjoyed the fact that in this game (which knocked God of War from the top spot in the UK Sales) not only was great for LGBT but shows the transition between the use of action and stealth for the main character Ellie. The game has also managed to keep some mystery because we have yet to find out exactly why Ellis is so angry.

And this is just a couple of the current releases that we thought should be mentioned; as for future publications – there is quite a bit to look forward too with;

  • Marvels Spider – Man – while we agree that there is still a bit of a wait on this one (releasing in September, 2018) we know it will be worth it just from how badass the trailer looked at E3 this year.
  • The Last of Us: Part II – Again; another future release (but can be pre ordered now!) one thing that is clear from the game is that you will never get bored! Its action packed as you have to escape the odds of your well – equipped enemies.

What is so special about the PSVR?

It is the only VR system on modern consoles so far making it pretty special – PLUS there has been a lot of great reviews from you surrounding comfort and design. As well as great value for the price!

A lot of reviews that we found stated that you didn’t expect to feel so immersed in a 3D world and that the ability to interact with your environment (as well as the great 3D sound) was what amazed you the most about the PSVR. While others showed their support by reviewing that this tech gives them the WOW factor which they haven’t felt in years.

Overall, the PSVR has a glowing report from its audience and buyers. Again cementing the PlayStation brand and offering unique gameplay for the players – which does result in them doing extremely well with sales.

The future for the PlayStation continues to be very bright, even though Microsoft and Nintendo have decided to join forces – and we can only foresee growth in their future especially with PS5 news impending for a predicted release in 2020.


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