Sony is giving you 27 Playable Games at PAX 2019

Sony is Attending PAX and so are we! With 27 playable games present over 80 stations across the show floor, it is clear to see there is plenty to be excited about!

So what will be showcasing?

For the PS4 – there are lots to sink your teeth into;


Coming this summer to PS4 is a fast-paced action game – developed by Paper Cult. The overall story is that a betrayed and left for dead, Mr. Wolf is hell-bent on finding his killer and enacting revenge – alone and vastly outnumbered.
Influenced by Quentin Tarantino with the creation of patchwork, alongside a wider variety of inspiration to generate this refreshing game, where you can get lost for hours on end.


As you will all remember from Sony’s E3 Press Conference, Remedy Entertainment showed up with a big surprise, that being – a new third-person action-adventure game now known as; Control. This cool looking title seems to feature a similar style of slow-motion, time-bending gameplay by Remedy clearly influenced by their last Xbox One Exclusive; Quantum Break. Clearly, doing what they do best.

The lead protagonist; Jesse Faden, becomes the NEW director of the “Bureau of Control,” which fights against supernatural enemies. As you explore the shifting halls of the Bureau’s headquarters to seek for upgrades for the shifting Service Weapon that has been seen in the trailer.

Don’t worry though! You may not have to wait long to get this title for yourself as it seems like it may be released this year.


Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

If you are looking for a title that will bring a sense of nostalgia then this is definitely the title for you! With exclusive skins for PS4 (with this originally released back in 2003 game) – you will be amazed at the new features that have been included making this original title a remastered masterpiece. Alongside “all thirteen of the game’s tracks which have been adapted to match the original CTR experience” – it is clear to see you will be reliving your childhood on the 21st June 2019.

Day’s Gone

Are you looking to get lost in a post-apocalyptic world that is a mixture between Son’s of Anarchy and the Walking Dead? Then this is the title you should be looking at getting your hands on at PAX. The story revolves around being placed in a world that is withered with a global pandemic; where millions of humans have been turned into ‘Freakers’ who evolve quite quickly and have quite the speed on them when it comes to killing.

Playing as; Deacon St. John who prefers to live on his motorcycle on the dangerous open road – moving through the open world whilst killing the ‘Freakers’ The ultimate goal here is to survive and we can’t wait to see SIE Bend Studio’s creation come to PAX and what you guys think of the game itself.


This is hands down one of the most exciting titles in our minds; with the possibility to enter a world with limitless potential – this charming, extraordinary open-ended experience by the infamous LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway Team; has given the option of creating numerous interactive adventures and platformers, to shoot ‘em ups, puzzlers and much more! You can clearly see that there are endless possibilities to explore in this aesthetically appealing title.

Mortal Kombat 11

If you haven’t played any of the Mortal Kombat games already in your life (what have you been doing with your life so far?) then you will definitely want to get your hands on this latest edition.

With new and returning characters such as;

• Scorpion
• Sub – Zero
• Raiden
• Geras
• Sonya Blade
• Baraka
• Skarlett
• Kano
• Jade
• Johnny Cage
• Cassie Cage
• Erron Black
• Kotal Kahn
• Jacqui Briggs
• Noob Saibot
• D’vorah
• Kabal
• Shang Tsung
• Shao Kahn

Please remember that this is a rumored list of a rooster and not officially confirmed as of yet! If you haven’t already purchased this brilliant game then we would strongly recommend that you give it a try during PAX.

Don’t worry – that’s not all!

As you can already see there is plenty of diverse games coming out, some of which are PS4 exclusives, but that list is just some of the key titles that we are extremely excited to play for either the first time or recommend for you to play. But that’s not all that Sony has to offer at PAX – check out the full list here and don’t forget to comment on what you are looking forward to playing the most on our Twitter and/or Facebook.

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