Sony Gears up for 20th Anniversary of PlayStation™

In order to pay homage to the revolutionary PS1 – 20 years after its initial US and European release – Sony has decided to release several limited edition pieces of PS4 hardware cast in the iconic grey of the original system.

As well as a DUALSHOCK4™ controller, nostalgic gamers are able to get their hands on a special 20th Anniversary PS4 complete with unique etched-aluminium plate detailing the unique number of the system. There will only be 12,300 systems sold, and this is in commemoration of the 3rd of December release date of the PS1 in Japan. Both controller and system bear the retro PS1 logo.

PlayStation™ has also teamed up with Sky Sports to mark the occasion by staging an online competition. The prize for the winner: one of the limited edition systems mentioned above. As part of the promotion, familiar faces from Soccer AM played virtual football matches on all four systems and then took to the training pitch to recreate legendary goals from the last 20 years with none other than Tottenham Hotspur’s Andros Townsend.

Comparing the first PlayStation™ titles made available to the gaming community in 1995 with those currently topping the charts gives a staggering insight into how far the video game industry has come in just two decades. From 2D platformers to open-world RPGs, video games have evolved to a stunning degree and the 20th Anniversary PS4 is a perfect way to celebrate that progress whilst paying tribute to the trailblazers of years gone by.

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