Red Dead Redemption 2 is Changing Gaming for Everyone!

As you may know already, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the BIGGEST release this week and for good reason too. Not only has Rockstar upped their game and AI to benefit the players – they have definitely exceeded our expectations with amazing features such as;

Storytelling –

One of the biggest strengths of this title is the development of the storytelling, while you are looking forward to finally knowing and understanding the origin of John Marston’s scars after his memorable speech in the previous title; “It ain’t no secret I didn’t get these scars falling over in a church.”
Whilst you may be a little surprised to see that Marston’s story takes a sideline seat as we take control of senior Van der Linde gun, Arthur Morgan and his gang.
His story is practically a blank slate, where you get to experience his journey with him in this immersive storytelling technique. Customise him how you want! You can change his whole outfit, have an effect on his weight in the form of gaining, or even his beard length!
But that’s only one aspect – another is the:

Horses – 

You can buy different breeds of horses or even wild horses. You ought to remember that each horse has different stats for speed, strength etc. But the fascinating feature of the horses is that you can actually bond with them which results in easier control and them being more resilient. But the attachment can become an issue as they can still die. If they do, please be aware you would have to start over with a new one.

Consequences for Crime – 

If you are thinking about becoming a criminal in this title, there are a few things we believe that you should be aware of;
1) There are consequences – if you decide to beat someone or even kill, then you expect to be wanted. And if you do get caught and killed then you can respawn as no longer a wanted man! However, you will lose some money along the way. Also, it doesn’t mean you will be forgiven as there will still be some NCPs that won’t be as welcoming in the town that you committed the crime in.
2) Witnesses – To make the gaming experience more realistic for the players, the NCP’s are smarter than ever before, and once you have been seen committing said crime then (like mentioned in the previous point) they may not be as friendly and welcoming as they were. They will also alert others to the crime that you have committed so if you don’t want to spend any time in a cell, you better find them on your map and get to them beforehand. Once you reach them you will be able to either intimidate or even kill them to stop them from talking.
3) White Hat VS Black Hat features – as always you have a choice, whether you want to wear a white or black hat, they both come with individual pros such as; if you wear the white hat then kills will appear more heroic and if you wear your black hat constantly, then your kills will seem more brutal and even murderous.
4) Be nice or be bad – Again, both these options come with pros/cons. If you consistently play nice then citizens will be friendlier with you and bounty hunting will also pay more! However, if you choose to be the bad guy, this will affect your body language as it will appear more negative and it will be easier to intimidate witnesses.
5) You can talk back to the sheriff and even state that “They started it!” Giving you the option to diffuse the situation, however, if you choose to draw or escalate the situation then this will result in you spending 24 hours in a cell. There may be a time where you are rescued by your gang.

Part of the Gang – 

Lastly, we wanted to mention the relationship that you have with your gang and how they fit in; while in camp with them you can choose to chill out with them and interact on a much higher level. One of the best features we believe of this game is the improvement on NCPs and their intelligence, for example; the gang knows when Arthur has arrived and knows when he has started trouble outside in the world! Just adding another layer and showing how connected the gang truly is with one another. Proving it’s just like a family dynamic.
We truly believe that the developers have created a true masterpiece of gaming here which will change the way that we perceive our gaming experience from now on – don’t forget to let us know what you think about this new title via our Twitter and / or Facebook page!


Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 26th Oct 2018

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