PS4 Reaching the end of its life cycle

Is the PS4 coming to the end of its life cycle

Well, according to PlayStation CEO it really is. But don’t worry! There may be still three years before Sony considers its end of life. However, the focus has been shifted to the PSN and the PlayStation Plus – even though the console is still going strong, hardware sales have begun to decline.

The company stated today during its annual Investor Relations Day that the focus will be more on the online services and subscriptions.

While this may be a shock to some people, others could have seen it coming as of three years ago Andrew House (then – CEO of PS division) stated that it was the beginning of the harvest period for the beloved console (i.e. a reduction of investment made by the company in order to reap maximum profits)

PlayStation as a business has done extremely well for Sony since the debut of the PS4 (November 2013) creating a cash flow of more than $6.31 billion between the years; 2013 – 2017! Pretty impressive right?

Now, they plan to move forward by “strengthening the user engagement” across the PlayStation’s hardware, software, and services. They are also in the investment stage of mobile games and have a market in television with PlayStation Vue, so they are still extremely busy!

However, their current projections see lower profits for 2020 – in which John Kodera (PlayStation CEO) has stated that “The PlayStation division will crouch down once to grow afterward.” (Reported by Wall Street Journal’s Mochizuki.)

That means the much awaited PS5 is still a while away, which ties in with what Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO – Shawn Layden was saying earlier this month; that there will be no new hardware announced at E3 this year.

So what does the future look like?

Like previously mentioned the focus will be on the subscribers – but Sony also wants to look closer at creating more first-party exclusives, as well as looking at “harnessing growth opportunities” in the area of “add-on content.”
Is there any growth for PlayStation right now?
Yes! Like mentioned before there are a lot of different markets that PlayStation is involved in which are consistently growing such as; PlayStation VR but unfortunately, not as much as Kodera would have liked to see. The same applies to PlayStation view.
Even though it’s sad to see the PS4 coming to the end of its life cycle; we still have the PS5 to look forward to in the future!


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