Check out these FREE Games for PlayStation during December

It’s that time that all PlayStation fans love again with PS Plus offering us more free content the December, which is great for all of that want to test out their 4Gamers headsets before wrapping them and placing them under the tree for Christmas day!
So what games can we look forward too?
Subscribers will get free access to plenty of variety games this upcoming month, with the Horror adventure SOMA and the team – based racing game Onrush. But don’t worry you don’t have to speed through these titles as you have a whole month to immerse yourself in their worlds for FREE!

What is SOMA?

Soma is from Frictional Games, who are well known for developing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. However, SOMA (for the PS4) promises you creepiness that will keep you on the edge of your seat! As players travel to the undersea facility of Pathos -2, which is the habitat of corrupted human, manic robots and an omnipresent artificial intelligence, you can imagine that things get quite interesting and unusual.


Is Onrush worth playing?

Codemasters’ Onrush was developed by former members of Evolution Studios (creators of Motorstorm Series) and have provided players with a team based vehicular combat racer where the goal isn’t to necessarily finish in first place.

Breaking the conventional boundaries of most racing games out there – we know that you will definitely get a thrill that you may not experience anywhere else. With no laps, no passing cars, and no placings at the end – just a winning or losing team at the end; Onrush offers you explosions, courses offering and causing destruction.
We urge you to give it a go. We were pleasantly surprised that this game was as enjoyable as it is. And we think that this original driving game will be the best one that you have played in years!

For those on PS3

You have access to two great games here: with the roguelike Steredenn: Classic and the time travel visual novel SteinsGate – both of which have fantastic reviews. We urge PS3 players to definitely watch out for these.


When do we get access to ALL these fantastic games?

December’s PlayStation Plus Lineup will be available from December 4th – January 1st, 2019. Let us know what you think of the upcoming titles and what the best PS Plus game was that you played in November on our Social Facebook and Twitter Channels!

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