Suit up for Battle with the NEW PRO4 – 70 Camo Midnight Edition

War is Coming..

In the months ahead, there are a number of First Person Shooter titles incoming, meaning that now is the perfect time to grab your gear and prepare for battle!

Over the coming months, releases such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare are going to unleashed to the public, meaning that the whole World will be glued to PlayStation 4’s around the world battling it out to claim ultimate glory. With titles as big as these, you want to take the experience to the next level, to feel the part and get your squad online, to show the World that you’ve got what it takes.

Here’s a reminder of the reveal released in May of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

Enhanced Your Entertainment

Introducing the latest addition to the 4Gamers armory, the PRO4-70 CAMO Might Edition. Designed to enhanced your gaming experience through Powerful Speaker drivers. Hear every bullet zip past, explosion rip open and drone fly over head with high quality audio from the Officially Licensed PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset, created to work perfectly with the PlayStation 4 Entertainment System.

Enhanced features on a classic headset mean that your Gaming sessions can last longer for the drawn out battles. A new feature on the PRO4-70 CAMO Midnight Edition is the over ear design ear cups and extended soft headband cushioning, designed to fit sit effortlessly on your head for improved comfort, meaning that your complete focus can be 100% dedicated to the mission in hand. Finally the new “L” shaped Jack, increased security of the connection to your DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, ensuring that vital communications with your clan won’t drop out at pivotal times.

The NEW flexible/removable mic. included, means that you can go Off-grid with a Twist of the mic with it’s new TWIST N LOCK feature. Plug the Mic. back in to deliver clear direction to your comrades, ensure you complete the mission successfully.

To Feel The part, you must look the part.

Sometimes it’s good to blend into battle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a stand out performance on the battlefield. The stylish Midnight Camouflage design blends dark navy, stormy blue and a shadow of sky blue to create a unique blend of disruptive patterns, similar to those used by armed forces. This camouflage colouring, works seamlessly with the PS4 Entertainment System, whether you use the original Black DualShock4 Wireless Controller or the Official Blue Camouflage colour way, the PRO4-70 Camo Midnight Edition is the perfect ally.

The PRO4-70 CAMO Midnight Edition is now available to buy right here!

Keep up to date!

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