PlayStation™ VR Given Long-Awaited Release Date

Sony announced yesterday that PlayStation™ VR will be released on 1st October with a RRP of £349.99. The internet went predictably wild and Amazon sold out its entire pre-order stock in just 10 minutes.

Determined to get their own Virtual Reality hardware onto the market before Microsoft could bring the Oculus Rift to XBOX ONE, Sony initially planned for a Q1 release. After several pushbacks to ensure complete perfection, we finally have a concrete date to get excited about.

Within one hour of selling out, pre-orders for PlayStation™ VR reappeared on Amazon but without the 01/10/2016 release date. If the internet frenzy caused by this simple announcement is anything to go by, VR is going to change the face of  console gaming for good.

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 16th Mar 2016

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