Sony Impresses With Exclusives At Gamescom 2019

It may have been a quiet year overall for Sony, as they have been focused on the PlayStation 5 and decided not to take part in E3 this year. However, they came to Gamescom 2019 with a LOT of great PlayStation Exclusive content and new reveals that we MUST share with you;

Death Stranding

Obviously, one of the BIGGEST reveals that we were ALL anticipating here at 4Gamers was Hideo Kojima’s appearance at Gamescom Opening Night Live, and we were not disappointed as he showcased three new clips of the game.

We were treated to a closer in-depth look at some of the characters we have already been introduced too and further insight into Sam Bridges’ (Norman Reedus Character) journey to reconnect with a fractured society on his mission to save mankind.

An interesting twist was seeing a featured cameo by Games Award Creator; Geoff Keighley.


In this next clip, we see another BIG character that impacts Sam’s Journey quite heavily; ‘Deadman’, who has provided more details about Sam’s Bridge Babies Unity (B.B) and their role (we can all openly admit that the role of the babies has been somewhat confusing) but with less than 3 months until the release date (8th November) we think this is as much clarity we are going to get on the story itself.


Finally, the last reveal showed us; ‘Mama’ a loving mother of an ethereal ghost baby – a non – hostile example of the “BTs” who is known as your greatest threat in Death Stranding. Again, the narrative is still confusing; just as Hideo Kojima intended it to be, but from what we do understand and have seen so far – we cannot wait to get our hands on the game!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It feels like we have been waiting forever to see some gameplay footage of Final Fantasy VII remake and it finally happened at Gamescom 2019!

It was brilliant to compare the graphics and the combat battle style that we all once knew and loved from the original JRPG that we grew up with. Now, the game uses a hybrid system that feels like a perfect mesh of action combat and slower tactical RPG Gameplay.


It was also really nice to see how easy the transition was between characters and issue orders. Where, at any point, you can take control of that character and resume the fight as if you were building those points up yourself.

But for now all we can do is wait patiently for more news or the release of the game itself on March 3rd, 2020.


It’s time to enter the story mode of Volta with FIFA 20 – which is perfect for those that are new to playing FIFA, which prepares you with bots that are at an easier difficulty and allowing newcomers to score that goal and start their football career.

It’s more diverse than before, with an updated rooster (which you do expect with new FIFA titles) and a separate campaign in FIFA 20 Volta, with a more robust career mode – it is the perfect opportunity for new gamers to get into FIFA!

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