PlayStation And Microsoft Are Teaming Up

If you haven’t heard about Sony and Microsoft’s Memorandum of Understanding, where have you been?!?

Sony and Microsoft… what?!?

Yes Gamers, it is true. Sony and Microsoft have decided to work together on a strategic partnership that was announced a few days ago.

What does this mean?

We have all come to understand the ‘console wars’ as such, but this new announcement changed the competitiveness feel to that of teamwork and collaboration. The two huge companies have recently announced a NEW deal that would bring their combined knowledge together to work on technological innovations for their entertainment platforms.

What are they working on?

The two have informed everyone that they will be working on Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service that has been developed by Microsoft. This will allow Sony to use Azure for its game and content streaming. However, there has already been speculation that this partnership is only happening due to Google’s announcement of Stadia, a streaming-only platform.

The future of Streaming for PlayStation

It is becoming more and more evident every day that Gamers (you guys) clearly see the value in streaming online and that you want and expect a seamless service. Which is why Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan stated; “We believe the streaming era is upon us and is about to begin a period of rapid growth.”

Ryan even went further to cite Sony’s internal data on the 5.6 Million PS4 users that use Remote Play function, which essentially provides the opportunity for the console to turn into a home server that can stream games to PC / Mac, IOS, and Xperia – branded Android devices. He went further to state that the “growing appetite” for that feature among PS4 users is “one of the concrete reasons we feel the move to streaming is upon us.”

But that’s not all that has been said, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said examining usage patterns PlayStation Now’s 700,000 subscribers to such a service. We intend to strengthen content catalog including AAA titles, and are working to make those improvements.”

Why PlayStation Staff were just as surprised as us at the Partnership

It wasn’t just us, the public and PlayStation employees that were surprised to see the Microsoft and PlayStation shaking their hands with a deal, it was the industry as a whole that was stunned at the announcement.

However, it wasn’t all just plain sailing for the new partnership. Apparently, the cohesion has caused concerns surrounding the PS5 for the staff. But, they have all been rest assured that this will not impact or affect the development of the PlayStation 5.

Overall, we believe that this a great opportunity not only for Microsoft and PlayStation but for the Gamers that love to play. Gaming should be and is inclusive and not just a hobby, but a career for some streamers that deserve to have the best experience and this could hopefully see an improvement for everyone.

Don’t Forget!

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