Are you ready for some NEW PlayStation Releases?

We all know by now that the PlayStation 5 is now a tangible console, and while we cannot wait for more news about the newest addition – it has also been made clear that the release won’t happen anytime soon!

With an expected wait of up to May 2020 – yes, a year this month! It is clear that it’s the time to get hyped up about ALL the upcoming games that is still set to be released on the PS4!


Release Date: May 14th, 2019

Rage 2 has been a game that we have been looking forward to getting our hands on, ever since it was the trailer was released. And it’s finally time to play! One of the elements that got us all super excited here at 4Gamers, was the colourful contrast to the previous game – along with with high – energy action that players have experienced previously with the original Rage title.
Continuing the original title’s storyline, but 30 years after, you can expect to have the same feeling that you had when you played the action game the first time. But are some differences from Rage – such as; the world isn’t the wasteland that it once used to be. It now has a complete look that includes vegetation, swamps, and biomes.

Team Sonic Racing

Release Date: May 21st, 2019

Get ready to gear up with the blue Hedgehog that we ALL love! It’s time to see if you can race at Sonic Speed and be a winner at the same time. In this classic racing formula, you will be able to customise your skin and performance by upgrading your vehicle!

But that’s not all! You are also able to play on online multiplayer and local co-op modes with 12 players per race, 4 player split screen, and various offline/online race modes including Grand Prix Mode, Exhibition Mode, Time – Trial Mode and Team Adventure Mode. But that’s not all you do together! You can also get everyone involved as a Team – where you race and win as a collective team! Use various moves that will help assist one another, knock out opponents and unleash you Team Ultimate!

Blood & Truth

Release Date: 28th May, 2019

This single Player action game has peaked our interests as it features specifically for PSVR! Explore the gritty London Underworld and get ready for hard-hitting action as Elite Special Forces Soldier Ryan Marks, who is on a desperate mission to save his family from a ruthless criminal overlord.

This game will definitely keep you on your toes as you encounter your enemies face to face, as well as uncover secrets and the thrill of the chase.

Layers of Fear 2

Release Date: 28th May, 2019

If you are looking for a fresh release that will put you on your toes, then this is definitely the game for you! Adapting to a psychological horror vibe, there is no way that you will be disappointed with what Layers of Fear 2 has to offer!

Players are able to control a Hollywood actor who heeds the call of an enigmatic director to take on the lead role in a film shot aboard an ocean liner. While you are immersed in darkness with only the spotlight provided, you will be able to hear the sounds of the distant breaking waves, the sound of cameras pointed in your direction, if you are lucky enough to be able to understand those sounds against your own rapid heartbeat.

As you can see…

There is a lot to sink your teeth into if you are a PlayStation fan, while you are waiting for more news about the PS5, of course! But if you want to see the full May release list then check it out HERE.

Don’t forget!

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