Suit Up with Iron Man PSVR

Are you ready to be a Hero? 

Prepare to be utterly amazed as you #suitup this year in MARVELOUS Avenger’s game that is; Iron Man coming to PSVR. We truly believe this is a magnificent game with innovative flying mechanics, which really makes you feel like you are the iconic Hero. The studio; Camouflaj, has ensured that the simulation is as real as you could possibly imagine by focusing their attention on the core flight mechanics to make you feel as awesome as Iron Man.

You are able to use Repulsors to thrust into the air, which is dictated by the direction your hands are facing. But the really clever aspect of the game is that you are able to use the system to work in full 360 degrees, which is normally near impossible for VR!

You are able to gain altitude and increase your speed quite quickly; essentially helping you to lose yourself in the motion of flying.


Speeding through the clouds is not the only cool aspect of this game, but fighting by firing Repulsors Blasts mid-air is definitely an experience that we highly recommend everyone to try. It was an immense feeling and really immerses you into the game as Iron Man.


The Story

As seen in the announcement video the objective is simple – the villain known as Ghost has taken control of Tony Stark’s private jet. And as Iron Man, you will need to recover the plane and save Pepper. If the studio continues to build upon the fundamentals that they have demonstrated in the demos; then there will be some very happy virtual reality gamers out there! Plus who doesn’t want to be Iron Man?


Don’t Forget

Let us know whether or not you will be playing as Iron Man when this brilliant PSVR game comes out later this year; on our Facebook and/or Twitter!

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