Will you escape the Last Labyrinth?

Escape rooms are designed to challenge you and add an element of fun as you work together to well, escape. However, Hiromichi Takahashi latest game reveal with the infamous Stefanie Joosten (known for playing the Sniper in Metal Gear Solid), who not only brings the main character; Katia to life but also sings the theme song in the Last Labyrinth a PSVR.

What is it about?

As mentioned above the concept came, but is not limited to an escape room model. You will need to explore and find triggers that will hopefully set you and Katia free from your predicament as the panic begins to set in.


Who will I play?

You may have assumed that you would be playing Katia, the lead character – however, you would be wrong. Your role is the player in a wheelchair with the only ability to move your head. Which you, of course, use to your advantage with a laser pointer strapped to your head, so that you can direct Katia to explore and investigate wherever you point. The aim is to find a way of releasing yourself from the dire situation you find yourself in.

Character Animation

From what we have seen in the trailers and the screenshots, we must say that we are extremely impressed with the detail that has been put into Katia, with the lead animation Atsuko Fukuyamo ensuring that Katia’s expressive personality comes to light in her easy-to-read emotions, actions and movements.


Takashashi has elaborated further on the lead character; Katia; ‘We wanted her to design to capture that strange age when a young girl would want others to stop treating her like a kid. Katia’s animation also reflects this, making some of her actions look like those of a child, but also those of an adult at the same time.”
If you still feel like Katia is a bit of a mystery then don’t worry you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on this game as it will be coming to by the end of this year! And you will unravel more where this green haired girl is concerned.

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