Kratos Set for Next-Gen Debut in God of War

God of War is without question one of the most iconic PlayStation franchises, spanning many platforms and console iterations.

11 years on from his PS2 debut, the fearsome Kratos is to return to action – his first outing on PS4. The industry has come a long way since Kratos last dusted off his legendary axe in 2013 for God of War: Ascension, and so has he. In a recent gameplay trailer aired at E3 our newly bearded hero is seen looking older and more haggard than in previous games, but just as deadly.

His appearance may be eye-catching, but it is the presence of a companion that is the most intriguing and interesting aspect of this glimpse into the forthcoming release. A cutscene at the beginning of the trailer reveals that Kratos now has a young son, and it is this boy that the player must protect and educate during the demo that follows.

As you would expect, the visuals on display during this brief demo are nothing short of breathtaking as Kratos stalks beautifully frosty landscapes hunting for game and fending off bloodthirsty foes.

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Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 20th Jun 2016