Is Starlink : Battle of Atlas really worth all the Hype?

Many gamers explored the galaxy this week with Starlink: Battle of Atlas with their unique and adaptable toys. Many of which had a fantastic time doing so but is it really any different from previous games that have used toys in order to play for example; Skylanders and Disney Infinity?
While we think it’s great that developers offer more to their fans, we also understand that there are pros and cons to games of this genre, firstly you have to consider the cost;


I think we can all agree that what Starlink has managed to achieve with its toys – to – life game is nothing short of brilliant! With new modular toy starships; that you can reconfigure whilst in battle it offers a new era of gaming with toys and as you would expect many younger people would love to get their hands on the powerful ships and pilots.

What does this mean for parents?

Again there is good news and bad news for parents, if your child is adamant that they want the toys that go with the game then it can be pretty pricey, for example:

• The Starlink Starter Pack can cost up to £69.99
• Controller Mount Pack can cost up to £16.99

And for the Starship packs:

• Nadir Pack can cost up to £28.00
• Neptune Pack can cost up to £24.99
• Lance Pack can cost up to £24.99
• Pulse Pack can cost up to £24.99

As for the Weapons packs:

• Crusher & Shredder MK.2 can cost up to £9.99
• Hailstorm & Meteor MK.2 can cost up to £9.99
• Shockwave & Gauss Gun MK.2 can cost up to £9.99
• Iron Fist & Freeze Ray can cost up to £9.99

Finally, there are the Pilot Packs all of which cost up to £6.99:

• Kharl
• Eli
• Razor
• Levi

So as you can see it can all add up an unholy amount! However, the good news is that you DON’T have to pay for the toys in order to play the game. It genuinely just depends on whether or not you want the toys.

The Difficulty of playing without the adaptions

As always, using the appropriate weapons against certain foes can give players a good advantage. In addition, when you defeat those bad guys then the more you will be able to build up your pilot and ship.
Which is definitely needed especially when playing against bosses – this game does rely heavily on strategy, as you have to swap around Starships, Weapons, and Pilots quite often to succeed one of the bosses.
Again, it can be a positive feature as it demonstrates that even though this new (ish) genre may be targeted at a younger audience the difficulty is at an adult level at times. Which is beneficial for the younger demographic as we all know that children and teens can often get frustrated at how easy games are and don’t feel challenged enough – which is what Starships: Battle to Atlas delivers!

So how does it compare to other toys – to – life games in the same genre?


As you may be aware of this isn’t exactly groundbreaking as games go, we have seen this genre come before StarShips. However, unlike the other games, this one does offer a digital version but while it makes an impressive showcase to parents, it is still too early to tell if it will continue to demonstrate the value of the toys when compared to the cheaper digital versions. Like the previously mentioned titles, it is a great concept and we all remember that one toy from our childhood that we couldn’t get enough of.
But only time will tell if it will continue to grow in popularity, be discontinued like Disney Infinity due to the lack of interest, or will decide to end on a hiatus like Skylanders.
More importantly, we are interested in what your thoughts are of the NEW Starlink: Battle of Atlas game – so let us know via our Twitter and Facebook channel.

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