The PS5 is on it’s way!

We all know that the PS5 has been coming for a long time, ever since Sony’s PlayStation announced that the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are officially reaching the end of its life-cycle.

Now, this week has been a big week for new official news on the next-gen console, with more concrete details now available – it’s officially the time to get excited about PlayStations’ newest console.


What has been confirmed?

Mark Cerny; the legend that made the PS4 possible, has taken charge of the next-gen console’s development. And there is clearly a lot to look forward too.

With an 8 – core AMD chipset based on third-generation Ryzan architecture, with a GPU family; a built-for-purpose SSD storage system; 3D audio, backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware; 8K TV Support it certainly does seem that the PS5 (the name has not been officially announced as of yet) is on track with its internals.

The graphics themselves will be driven by a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line. Meaning that you should expect to see a whole new world when it comes to realism in gaming. The graphics chip itself will support ray tracing; however, it is often traditionally thought of as a lighting technique, where Cerny says that there are implications beyond creating realistic environments;

“If you wanted to run tests to see if the player can hear certain audio sources or if the enemies can hear the players’ footsteps, ray tracing is useful for that, it’s all the same thing as taking a ray through the environment.”

What does the AMD chip do?

The AMD Chip will enable 3D audio, which will be used to immerse players even deeper into the game. But that’s not all! Cerny also confirmed that PSVR is still an important part of PlayStation’s next-gen;

“I won’t go into the details of our VR Strategy… beyond saying that VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.”

We believe this will make the audio quality spectacular and help you hear your enemies miles away, especially if you are planning to use a headset with the next-gen console.

As you can already see there is a LOT of new information being released about the (potentially named) PS5, and we cannot wait, as we believe it will revolutionise the way we game.

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