Hooked on Days Gone

Stealth, Strategies and an adventurous spirit is required for players that are delving in to the PlayStation 4 exclusive that feels like a cross between the Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy. Expect to be scavenging for supplies and sneaking around abandoned motels with Freakers making the game play intense with a great adrenaline rush.

So what is the narrative of Day’s Gone?

With the HUGEMONGUS open world setting, it’s easy to get lost and need a refresh on the actual narrative of the story; so naturally, we thought it would be good to refresh especially for those that haven’t had the opportunity to play this highly anticipated title. You are placed in a world that is withered with a global pandemic; where millions of humans have be turned into ‘Freakers’ who actually evolve quite quickly and have quite the speed on them when it comes to killing!

As you would expect, most of the surviving population is hidden away in certain shelters and behind military fences. However, our protagonist; Deacon St. John prefers to ride the open road on his bike. As you move through the open world and kill these ‘Freakers’, you may want to keep hold of their ears as they can be used as currency.


The Different Types of Freakers


Known as the adolescents when contracting Zombitis, ultimately turns these ‘Freakers’ into opportunistic hunters, whom prefer to lurk in the shadows. Waiting for apt opportunity to attack, you can guarantee that these charming little monsters will keep you busy for hours of gameplay. Especially during the night, when danger is at an all time high with the dynamic weather.


As you can probably guess from their name, Horde’s are a horde of ‘Freakers’ that do not wait in the dark to attack, they will consumer everything and anything in their way. Going back to the feel of the Walking Dead. So far, we are loving the differences between the two as it keeps the title challenging throughout.

But don’t worry there is still much more plenty to do, including crafting items, to improve your kick ass zombie killing skills. With every building being accessible aswell, there is a guarantee that you will not be bored as you explore this HUGE open world.

Deacon St. John

If you are looking for a protagonist with depth, then you are playing the right game! Facing this violent, new post-apocalyptic world, this bounty hunter drifter will give you a great insight to the lawless wilderness he habitats. Surviving purely by mastering skills that he learned prior to the ‘Freakers’ and the world ending, via an outlawed Motorcycle club, where violence and mayhem were apart of his daily life.

What you can expect

We think that SIE Bend Studio; Days Gone has provided us PlayStation fans with a vast amount of content to sink our teeth into; with role playing elements, and multiple endings, an exploration of love and loss, friendship, revenge and desperation. It is clearly meant to be a title that focuses on how any of us would react in these unbelievably harsh conditions.

These are all great reasons why we think you should give this game a go, we are definitely hooked and can see ourselves returning to this title numerous times during the next few weeks, if you have played this game, then we would love to know what your thoughts are – so please share with us, your opinions on our Twitter and / or Facebook channels.

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