Gravity Rush 2 Out Tomorrow!

Blockbuster software releases tend to make the headlines, but some of the best-loved and highest-rated PS4 games can be found exclusively online at the PlayStation Store.

One such title that has garnered a huge following among PS4 gamers was 2012’s Gravity Rush. A stylistically gorgeous adventure game from SCE Japan Studio and Project Siren, Gravity Rush was originally made for PS Vita before being adapted for PS4 in 2015. Striking anime-style visuals combine with inventive gameplay mechanics to create a uniquely abstract and entertaining gaming experience.

Tomorrow marks the release of Gravity Rush 2the much anticipated sequel. Teaser trailers and gameplay videos suggest that the forthcoming title builds upon everything that gamers loved about the original. Early reviews have been very positive, so this is definitely not one to be missed.


Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 16th Jan 2017