Saying Goodbye to PlayStation 2

Sadly, it’s the end of an era for PlayStation 2 lovers as Sony pulls repair support for the console which in result means it is definitely the end of PS2. Nevertheless, we thought that we should celebrate all the different games that the PS2 has given us and hopefully we will stumble across your favourite!

1) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 –

The year was 1999, and the Tony Hawk series of games were high in demand but it is argued that the best is number 3. The game included various places to skate and plenty of engaging locations for skaters to enjoy for hours on end! The game itself was given an average user score of 7.4 based on 332 ratings by Metacritic back in 2001.

2) Final Fantasy XI –

Who could ever forget Final Fantasy XI? This fantastic MMORPG realm had players hooked – while it may have experienced some issues that all RPGs face such as; server instability, game balance issues and exploits from the initial start it soon balanced out with great stable connection and a varied amount of content for all players of all levels. Including an expansion pack!

3) Dead or Alive 2 –

If you don’t know about this game then we definitely recommend you find a way to play it! If you like to fight and to find out about the story behind the characters then this game is for you, while it doesn’t take much skill to play i.e. you can pretty much button bash your way through. The game allows multiplayer and is a great game to play with your friends and even your family.

4) Devil May Cry –

Need we say anymore? It is bizarre to think that this game was originally planned as a Resident Evil title. But thankfully, that didn’t stick as it was too CRAZY to be labeled Resident Evil. This is where we all first fell in love with Dante as he wreaked havoc with his blade and guns combo – now who wouldn’t enjoy that!

5) Gran Turismo 4 –

This game was definitely a beast – it may have been a while before it officially came out but boy, was it worth it. This realistic car simulation had everyone hyped up. If you have a love for speed and cars then this is the game for you.

6) Bully –

Rockstar Games came to life when releasing this title, little Jimmy Hopkins was a troubled young lad who was dropped off at boarding school by his newly remarried mother and her wealthy husband, who go away to spend a year on a cruise (alright for some right?) which means Jimmy had to say hello to social cliques and clueless administration. Being the new kid is already quite tough as you automatically thrown into the role of outcast.
It is a great game if you are looking for high conflict that is relatable and an escapism then this is the one for you. With no urgent deadlines to complete, you are free to go at your own pace and improve your skills along the way!

7) God of War –

If you don’t know what God of War is by now – then where have you been? This title is one of the greatest franchises and for good reason too! Join Kratos in this tale of vengeance, set in ancient Greek mythology – this epic adventure has everything you need to keep you entertained for hours on end! The bloody combat title comes with challenging puzzles and impressive production value.
If you haven’t played this yet – then you are definitely missing out on the gripping story of this troubled soul. Which is why we don’t want to give away any spoilers – so please play!

8) Jak 3 –

If you are into missions then you can sink your teeth into this – you can race, target shoot and hoverboard just as a few examples of how much adventure you get with this great game. Throw yourself at obstacles and enemies are thrown at you at such an incredible rate – the exhilaration that you get when you play this is amazing. We would definitely you spending a bit of time on this title.

9) Grand Theft Auto III

Who doesn’t love a bit of Grand Theft Auto? It’s a chance to bring out your criminal side and steal, drive over the limit (and sometimes badly) and pick up challenges along the way! The beauty of this game is that you aren’t tied down to the missions – you can decide to follow your own path and if that’s being a brutally violent thug, well, then that’s your choice!
We believe that even if this game isn’t for you – everybody should play it just once (as long as you’re old enough!)

10) Kingdom of Hearts

This beauty of a game revolutionised the way we all see Disney. At first, it may have been touch and go as to how it would work between Disney and Squares team up but what they ended up releasing was just pure class that continues to grow! The number of crossovers was unbelievable and the multiple levels that you got to play were equally surreal.
But don’t be fooled by the Disney label – Kingdom of Hearts has a darker approach which you will only find out if you play.

If you think we haven’t mentioned your favourite or would like to add your opinion then please let us know your thoughts via our Twitter and/or Facebook page.


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