FIRST LOOK: The PRO4-50S Stereo Gaming Headset

The 4Gamers Pro4-50S Gaming Headset for PS4 is the latest addition to the 4Gamers range. Designed to enhance your PlayStation 4 gaming, the stereo gaming headset delivers high quality game and chat sound, taking you closer to the action than ever before. The 4Gamers Pro4-50S Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, is due to release in retailers around the world over the coming weeks, here is the first look at the new release.

Superior Sound

Fitted with 40mm Speaker Drivers, the Pro4-50S provides an immersive gaming experience. Stay one step ahead of your opponent, as you hear them before they see you. Whether you are playing in front of thousands in a world famous football stadium or battling it out on Shipment, audio is one of the most important aspect of your gaming experience. Don’t settle for poor quality, go with the official option and choose this 4Gamers stereo gaming headset, the perfect partner for your PlayStation 4.

The Pro4-50S also features a flexible mic boom, allowing you to chat to your friends online and stay in touch with your squad, in high quality sound. The mic. also features a foam cover, ensuring clarity in your communication.


Enhanced Comfort

The newly designed ear cups, sit over your ear, encased in a cushioned foam padding and soft leatherette to maintain comfort in your gaming. The adjustable, padded headband and tilt & twist ear cups allow you to find the perfect fit for you. Avoid distraction through discomfort and choose a headset which sits effortlessly on your head, the lightweight design ensures that nothing disturbs your focus.

The Pro4-50S gaming headset has been designed to enhance comfort. Each element of the headset has a purpose, from the tilt and twist ear cups to the flexibility of the material on the headband. We understand that everyone is different, and these features have been added to allow you to find your perfect fit for your comfort style.


The Finishing Touches

Quality in the final finishes help maintain a premium look and feel of the Pro4-50S. On the exterior of ear ear cup, the headset proudly boast it’s official status with the embossed PS logo. A premium braided cable, provides security and style to the internal wiring of the PS4 gaming headset. Linking the “L” Shaped 3.5mm Jack Connection to the headset frame, the cable also features a volume control in the middle of it, with volume adjusters and Mic. mute option.

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Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 26th Feb 2020

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