Final Fantasy VII Remake is REALLY coming out!

We know there has been some doubt about whether or not Final Fantasy VII will ever be released. But we hope that PlayStation’s State of Play has put some of your concerns to rest as they revealed a new trailer! We know its been a LONG time coming but we have been buzzing since we saw the trailer and have to say, that it did showcase more of the project then we have probably seen before.

Will Final Fantasy VII be sticking to episodic releases?

For those hardcore Final Fantasy Fans, you will already know that the original, which launched in 1997, split the story and game onto numerous discs. This will continue with the remake, you can expect to see the game split into parts, however, which chapters that will be splitting the story up are unclear so far.

What are the differences between FF7 Original and the Remake?

Better Graphics. The remake has ditched the pre-rendered environments of the original. Meaning that they have decided to completely rebuild the world with FULL Polygon Graphics. Unreal Engine 4 (who also influenced and was behind the technology in Kingdom of Hearts 3, Gears of War 4 and much much more) will power the Graphics themselves!

Real-Time Combat

Get ready for Battle! One of the biggest changes with the remake is the fact that it swaps the demands of commanding a party of three characters to the player controlling one character. Allowing them to switch between their party’s three characters on the fly.

But that’s not all!

You can still expect to see Limit Breaks, Special abilities that can only be used sparingly in combat.

Square Enix will showcase more at E3!

When we found out that PlayStation wasn’t going to be attending E3, for the first time in years! It’s safe to say that we were disappointed, however, when we found out that Square Enix will be making an appearance to talk more about the Final Fantasy VII remake, along with Avengers Assemble LIVE on Tuesday, the 11th June at 2am UK time and for those US viewers, they can catch up with Square Enix at 6pm PDT June 10th.

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