FIFA 18 is out NOW!

One of the most anticipated game releases every year (FIFA) is out today and as with every edition it is better than ever. 

One of the main ways the team at EA has gone about polishing the look of FIFA 18 is to work with the Frostbite game engine. A game’s engine is literally that – the thing that drives the whole thing. It’s the point of contact between the software code written by EA Sports developers and the hardware code built by either Sony or Microsoft depending on whether you’re playing the game on a PlayStation or Xbox.

Last year EA made the move to Frostbite from the previous game engine, Ignite. In doing so they adopted a much more powerful system capable of translating graphical flourishes like lighting and weather conditions through the new generation of consoles onto your TV screen.

Likewise, the cut-scenes before and after a match are smoother and more refined. The players themselves have been given a tune-up. Skin tones and facial expressions should be more detailed for this new version of FIFA.

This comes with all the other obvious changes that happen every year like player upgrades/downgrades, new kits and squads, new celebrations and a whole new collection of boots!

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 29th Sep 2017