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As you should already know by now Fallout 76 has just been released and its all that the gaming community are currently talking about – so we wanted to share with you the TOP 5 reasons you should be excited to play this hyped up title:

A focus on Multiplayer mode 

As you are hopefully aware Bethesda have placed a focus on PvP for Fallout 76, where you will be entered into a random server and there will be NO human NCPs to engage with. While some gamers have worried this will make the game more griefy – we can reassure you that special measures have been put in place by the team to ensure that it is not just another Battle Royale game. For example, if someone or you choose to shoot players, it will only do a little bit of damage to them or yourself.

However, you can be killed or kill someone else by repeatedly attacking them – BUT this doesn’t come without consequences as they or you will be named as a murderer and won’t receive any cap rewards or XP points, and will have a target on their back for other players to kill.  Nevertheless, if you or another player chooses to engage in a fight, you can earn cap reward and XP reward.

New C.A.M.Ps features 

You now have a NEW feature! There is now a portable mini – settlement builder, so that you can throw up quickly for the purposes of crafting and defence. However, it won’t allow you to place it WHEREVER you want like straight outside the Vault entrance for obvious respawning reasons.

However, you can build even BIGGER settlements by clearing out areas, though you should be aware that there is a chance that an Event will start there, like for example; a raid of mutants.


We are now in a post-apocalyptic world, where survival is key. You never know what is around the corner or what could eat you at any given time, but one of the key features which may end up aiding you is the radiation in the world and how it gives you different mutations which may help your play style; though there’s no need to worry as they can be cured if you prefer.

Solo mode 

If you are feeling a little down about the fact Bethesda are pushing for PvP – there really is no need and this should not be a reason for you to not buy or try the game yourself. You are still able to play in solo mode where you can participate in much more quests.

The World 

If you have been keeping up to date with Fallout 76 and the conference given at E3 then you may already be aware that the world is 4 times bigger than Fallout 4 and set in the Hills of West Virginia and has 16 times more detail than before!

As you can see, there are so many great elements and adaptations from the previous Fallout games to make this game more detailed, inclusive and more interactive with other players. Which is why we would highly recommend that you try this title for yourself.

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