PlayStation dominates EGX 2018

It doesn’t feel like a week ago today, we were at one of the UK’s biggest gaming event; EGX! It was an amazing experience to see so many gamers, developers and demos to try! And we have got to say that PlayStation owned the hall.

Not only did they have the biggest section, but it was also action packed with many titles that we know and love such as;

• Fortnite
• Spider-Man
• Beat Saber (PSVR)

Alongside some titles that have recently or are going to be released to PlayStation that includes;

• Tom Clancy’s Division 2
• Shadow of the Tomb Raider
• Destiny 2: Forsaken
• Kingdom Hearts III
• Hitman 2

But that wasn’t all that PlayStation had to offer at EGX – they also held competitions and speakers to entertain their audience alongside a chance to beat the PS Access team at FIFA 19! But let’s delve a little deeper into the top 5 games (in our opinion) that were available to play:

1) Spider-Man

PlayStation swung into EGX in full force with the newly released Spider-Man, which continued to have long queues for a go at this amazing game due to its great graphics, unique fighting moves, and witty commentary – alongside the fantastic costumes of course. It’s a game that is guaranteed to be a PlayStation’s fan favourite for a long time!


2) Fortnite

The battles continued with royale during this spectacular event – with numerous consoles set up to meet the high demand of fans! And many believe it was the heart of PlayStations display.


3) Kingdom Hearts III

Who doesn’t love Square Enix and Disney’s Kingdom Hearts III? Playtime is definitely over as you complete missions with Donald Duck and Goofy whilst saying hello to some new characters and worlds to explore such as; Toy Story – you start the game with Woody, Buzz and the gang who are fretting over the disappearance of Andy, his mum and fellow toys due to the heartless creatures. The whole demo was heartwarming and definitely work the hours of queuing that took place at EGX.


4) Beat Saber

PSVR had its own little section – which saw huge lines to get in to play Beat Saber, the rhythm VR game where the goal is to slash the beats, which fit perfectly into precisely handcrafted music. It is genuinely so fun to play!


5) Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Even though this a newly released game it hasn’t stopped the hype when the demo was on display at EGX – with a mass of gamers itching to get their hands on this it was definitely worth the wait in line with a challenging difficulty as well as the engaging and immersive story of Lara Croft – this action adventure game definitely delivers and doesn’t leave you disappointed!


Let us know what your favourite game was and your thoughts on PlayStation at EGX 2018 via our Twitter and Facebook channel!

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 28th Sep 2018

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