E3 SONY Conference

The Sony E3 showcase is here! listed below are the launches announced during the 2018 show at the biggest gaming expo in the world!

The Last Of Us: Part 2

The showcase of The Last Of Us: Part 2 has our attention. This is the first showing of game play, where we see Ellie stalk through the downtrodden swampy area using a mixture of stealth and brutal combat to make her way through and survive. We see a mixture of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, we have to say, we were impressed with the look and feel of this and has got us (and the fans at the conference) very excited for this to drop, check out the trailer here:

(A short intermission turned into quite a long wait)

Ghost of Tsushima

Things kicked off again and we saw a Ghost of Tsushima, the graphics were a cinematic masterpiece and the smooth game play of the sword combat looks very impressive. On the graphics alone, this has been getting high reviews, but we are sure the story is going to live up to the hype too:

Resident Evil 2

The atmosphere gets a bit tense, the trailer shows a struggle in a store room through the eye of a rat. The tension builds as the scuffle comes to an end with the that being ripped out the only living member of the fight… All of a sudden the realization of what this was, as a cheer came from the crowd, Resident Evil 2.

Anyone not feeling so safe right now?

Death Stranding

An intense look at Death Stranding kept with the theme of experience with the SONY showcase, again the graphics were amazing, but after that trailer we have nothing but questions, what will be the role of Sam’s character? What darkeness awaits? This is a title everyone is excited about. Take a look here:

Marvel’s Spider-Man

As expected, a big part of the SONY Playstation showcase was Marvel’s  Spider-Man! It looks great…

Filled with action, explosions, a lot of bad guys and witty lines, this is the Spider-Man we know and love. We cannot wait to get our hands on this – let us know what you think


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