DOOM VFR was announced back in June at E3, along with a reveal trailer, and ever since then fans of DOOM have been eagerly anticipating its Virtual Reality release. A few people have been asking what is going to make this game different from the standard edition of DOOM and and we are going to answer this for you!

The big difference between normal Doom and Doom VFR is when, and who you are playing. In Doom VFR you play a scientist who was killed during the original invasion of Mars. They are resurrected — in a sense — with their consciousness implanted in an artificial intelligence which has the ability to take control of any robot on the station.

This slow down for movement also allows you to fire off high-risk shots, like a shotgun to the face of the baddie in front of you, before leaping back to a safer distance. There’s also the new addition of ‘Telefragging’. Unlike the original Doom which gave you an option for a Glory Kill by finishing off a weakened opponent with a melee attack, Doom VFR has added a way for you to get those epic kills in VR.

When an enemy becomes staggered, you’ll be able to teleport inside of them blowing them up in the process. It isn’t quite as brutal as the original, but teleporting and then watching chunks of monster go flying from a success telefrag is entirely worth it.

While the original Doom was fast paced and chaotic, Doom VFR takes a slightly different approach. Don’t fear, the universe is just as bloody and raw as you remember it, but this time it’s built for VR. Thanks to the teleportation system being quick, you’ll be able to bounce around rapidly murdering your enemies with a slightly more strategic feel to it than the original game or it’s 2016 reboot.

Additionally, while about 80% of the game is dedicated to driving through the nasties currently inhabiting your station, there is also a small part of the game that will have players entering small spaces as a Doomba, to complete puzzles.

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 1st Dec 2017