Developers Reveal Their Most Anticipated Games for 2017

Christmas is fading fast in the memory and the thoughts of gamers worldwide are now turning to what’s up next.

The roster for 2017 is stacked and no-one knows the industry better than the developers themselves. PlayStation Blog spoke to some of the leading lights in gaming to find out what they’re most excited for this year.

The Sony guys sat down with devs from the likes of Ubisoft, EA, Ninja Theory and Infinity Ward (among others) to get the lowdown on what’s going to make waves in the next 12 months. Read what they had to say, here.

The titles mentioned here span a great many genres and themes – it really goes to show how diverse gaming has become. From iconic franchise horrors (Resident Evil: Biohazard) to stylish anime (Persona 5) and hugely anticipated sequels (Red Dead Redemption 2) to mysterious newcomers (What Remains of Edith Finch), 2017’s release schedule is packed with quality.

Set aside some savings.

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