Call of Duty WWII is Now Available

Call of Duty’s long-awaited return to its World War II roots is finally here and available for everyone to enjoy!

After almost a decade of war in the present day, the near future, and the not-so-near future, the Call of Duty franchise has finally returned to World War 2 and people have been wanting this for years, hence why the anticipation surrounding the game before it’s release was so big.

Call of Duty: WWII takes players into the vicious European conflict during the last year of the war, and replicates many of the deadly battles that eventually led to the downfall of Nazism and Germany’s surrender.

Call of Duty: WWII‘s competitive multiplayer component focuses on the fast-paced, grounded action seen in the campaign, but Sledgehammer has also introduced a few new features that should help to separate the game from others in the series.

The biggest announced mode, “War,” involves asymmetrical, strategic gameplay that sees both the Allies and the Axis working to take objective points, the mode features object-driven conflicts. In essence, War will feature mini-stories that differ whether you are fighting for the Allies or the Axis which sounds very interesting indeed!


Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 3rd Nov 2017