Blues and Bullets Brings Film Noir to PS4™

Having received fantastic reviews across the board, the first episode of stylish thriller Blues and Bullets will be available for download on PS4™ later this week.

The game comes from Barcelona-based developer A Crowd of Monsters and marks a significant departure from their typical output. While Sugar Kid and tongue-in-cheek platformer Funk of Titans both made use of vibrant colour schemes and joyous soundtracks, BaB is a brooding atmospheric adventure in the mould of classic film noir.

In a world entirely black and white save for occasional splashes of deep red – often from blood spatters – Eliot Ness must stalk crime scenes and navigate intense firefights as he explores the dark underbelly of Santa Esperanza. A cop-turned-restaurateur, Ness reluctantly agrees to get back in the game and investigate the disappearance of a young girl. To make matters more complicated, the father of the missing girl is none other than notorious gangster Al Capone – the man that Ness put behind bars several years before.

In a claustrophobic city full of chilling discoveries and unsavoury characters, you must guide Ness through his investigations with careful deliberation at every juncture if your choices are to lead his story to the right conclusion.

Come out of retirement 20/04/2016.

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