Beautiful VR Title ‘Perfect’ Launches 1 Week From Today

2016 was the perfect year for Virtual Reality to come to console gaming – with the kind of processing power now available, the PS4’s stunning visuals combine with PSVR’s immersive capabilities to create a truly unforgettable and unique experience.

With that in mind, no current release is better designed to exploit that combination than Perfect. Here’s what the developers had to say about their forthcoming experience:

Perfect offers three unique environments: Northern Lights, Tropical Beach, and Mountain Wilderness. Each has been carefully curated to mirror some of the most incredible and beautiful places in the world. Sit back, and enjoy the sights and sounds of each location as you customise the time of day, change your point of view, and discover special moments in your perfect environment.

This game is important because – while very accessible newcomers and different demographics – it delivers one of the most affecting and effective Virtual Reality experiences that we have yet seen. Don’t miss out!

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 13th Dec 2016