All-Action Samurai Adventure ‘Nioh’ Available on PS4

Team Ninja’s latest contribution to the all-out combat genre – the supremely dark and violent Nioh – was released on PS4 today.

A story-driven hack n’ slash adventure that takes place in a rich (if extremely gloomy) gaming universe, Nioh puts players in the shoes of a westerner called William on the hunt for his nemesis Edward Kelley.

Billed by Gamespot as the hybrid of Ninja Gaiden and Dark SoulsNioh has ignited a lot of gamers’ lust for war. Comparison with either of those hugely popular and greatly acclaimed titles would heap a lot of pressure on a developer’s shoulders, never mind both. That said, initial reports have been massively positive and Team Ninja seem to have pulled off their vision exactly to plan.

Get ready for war.



Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 2nd Feb 2017