A4T Secure Official TV Clip for PS4 Camera

Leading video gaming and peripherals manufacturer, Accessories 4 Technology (A4T), has extended its long-standing relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment by securing their uniquely designed TV Clip for PlayStation®4Camera.

This additional agreement means that Accessories 4 Technology will bring Sony Computer Entertainment Inc’s official TV Clip for PS4™Camera to market under its 4Gamers™ brand.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and A4T have worked in partnership together since 2008, developing officially licensed PlayStation®products for the PS3™, PSP™, PS VITA™ and now PS4™ system under the 4Gamers™ brand. Throughout the partnership Sony have gained confidence in A4T’s ability to manufacture and produce industry leading accessories and peripherals.

Judy Ward, Peripherals Business Manager at SCEE, says “In 2008, Accessories 4 Technology and SCEE established their partnership, and throughout this time we have seen many high-quality, innovative 4Gamers™ products come to market across a number of PlayStation®hardware formats.  We are confident that the success will continue with their new Officially Licensed PS4™ product line-up, including the unique TV Clip for the PS4™ Camera.”

Totally unique to the PS4™system and the only TV Clip on the market guaranteed to work with the PS4™Camera, it was specifically designed by Sony engineers, who in a rare move handed over their designs to A4T. Although designed and patented by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, the TV clip will be manufactured, produced and marketed by A4T under the 4Gamers™brand, with their reputation for producing high performing and trusted PlayStation®gaming accessories with consumers.

The TV Clip is fully compatible with the PlayStation®Camera and all flat screen TVs as well as it featuring a unique connector to allow full adjustment of the camera’s viewing angle, to enhance your gaming and PS4™PlayRoom experience.

As well as manufacturing and producing the unique TV Clip for the PS4™ Camera, A4T is launching a comprehensive 4Gamers™product line up for the PS4™system. Products available during the PS4™launch window include stereo gaming headsets, steering wheels, storage, charging and connection solutions.

Bill Stirling, Director and co-founder of Accessories 4 Technology, says: “This new PS4™ agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europeallows our international network of distribution partners to offer a wide range of official licensed accessories and peripherals for the PS4™.  We’re delighted to be there at launch, extending our already substantial offering of official PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita 4Gamers™ products”.

Added By: 4Gamers | Date Added: 1st Nov 2013