Kingdom of Hearts III – Jan 29th Release

With the release of Kingdom of Hearts III at the end of this month, its only right to have a look back at what made this title so epic, to begin with and how we lost our hearts to those loveable characters.

Kingdom of Hearts made its first appearance on PlayStation 2, back in September 2002. It shouldn’t have worked, end of. But it did – to everyone’s amazement. The collaboration between Disney and (Pre-Merger) Squaresoft (now known as SquareEnix) took the world by storm as we were introduced to 14 year old, Sora whose world is shattered by violent weather that hits his paradise home and is separated from his two closest friends; Riku and Kairi. The trio are scattered into different and unknown worlds. But he’s not the only one who seems to be missing his friends – over at Disney Castle, troubling is brewing up as King Mickey is missing!

Which means that Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy need to find him! And who do they bump into along the way? Of course, Sora. But finding their friends is not the only problem this newly formed team have to face – they are soon informed about the infamous’ ominous creatures known as the Heartless – beings who you find out are responsible for the powerful storm due to Disney Villains manipulating them. When they do discover the link between their situation and the Heartless Sora, Donald and Goofy become the official trio that we have come to know and love to help familiar Disney heroes to save their worlds.


Kingdom of Hearts II:

Returning to the PlayStation 2 is the loveable and unforgettable Donald, Goofy and Sora – riding on their successful release back in 2002, it was clear that they would be returning to our beloved PS2!
Okay, so maybe we didn’t anticipate that it would take a further 4 years, but it was definitely worth the wait as we are greeted by a Dark Cloaked Mickey Mouse as he joins the team as they continue their adventure into multiple Disney worlds and battling against the Heartless once again, the group stumble upon a new enemy – a mummy wrapped ruler of unknown origin. 

But that’s not all that’s new with the next instalment of KoH II, you are able to merge with your team mates with the (then) brand new meter AKA “Transformation Drive” in order to create even more powerful versions of yourselves. You also got to look at new costumes and improved controls since the original release.
Now we won’t lie, the ending can seem a little messy as Sora and Riku enter the door, which is the door of light, after the defeat of Xemnas. Where Sora reads a letter from Kairi. The reason why it’s such a hard ending to understand is become the door isn’t made clear and often is believed to be the door of Darkness.


Kingdom of Hearts III:

Finally, we have reached the newest instalment of the series, and boy is there a lot to cover! Again, we are joined up with our main protagonists; Sora, Donald, Goofy as the RPG series concludes, and they face the evil Organisation XIII and the Heartless. Get ready to travel into even more worlds and forming new bonds with much loved Disney Characters such as; Hercules, Winnie the Pooh and Jack Sparrow. But that’s not all – with a bigger environment to explore, you need a bigger party of 5 so you will get two guest characters joining the trio with special moves and combo attacks to beat your enemies. You are also able to summon those famous Disney Characters that you have formed a relationship with such as; Wreck – It – Ralph and Ariel from the Little Mermaid.


But what are we most excited about?

The Toy Box World where we get to see those toys that we will always cherish; Buzz and Woody. You are transformed into action figures as you have to battle Heartless in Andy’s room and soon find yourself exploring a HUGE toy – store where the stars of the show confront another member of Organization XIII.

When can you get it?

The official release is on the 29th January, 2019. Yes, it has been a long time coming for this impressive trilogy but we are sure it is going to be worth the wait.

Will it be released on the PlayStation 4?

For those PlayStation lovers the good news is that the game will become available on the 29th January 2019.

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